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Business Recovery

miniBRICS™ is a local storage appliance built in the USA with an Intel® motherboard and CPU, with swappable NAS drives enclosed in a field tested industrial strength mini server chassis. Its purpose is to capture image snapshots of the server, and becomes the restoration source in case of server malfunction.

Local Recovery

miniBRICS™ captures continuous images of the protected server(s) so if a server goes down it will be the local source to recover to a repaired or replaced server.

Hardware Independent Recovery

miniBRICS™ is able to do a hardware independent recovery to a new server from the pre-failed state of the old server, regardless of whether it is an emergency or a pre-planned migration.


  • Image Based Backup: Image based recovery is more reliable than data based recovery because it does not matter what the server’s role is, it does not matter if it is Exchange, SQL, SBS or a Domain Controller. When the server is restored there is almost zero configuration to get back to business.


  • Local Repository: the miniBRICS™ unit can mount and share the source server’s file system while the source server is repaired or replaced.


  • Fast recovery using bizRestore™: bizinuity’s™ unique capability to ship a pre-imaged server in the event of a disaster or hardware failure. bizinuity™ has pre-built servers on stand-by available for purchase. The client’s pre-imaged network plug ready replacement server can then be shipped the same day. If the encrypted image is present at the bizRestore™ data-center, then the replacement server can be shipped with the latest saved image from the protected server.


  • BRICloud™: the complete server image on the miniBRICS™ unit can be updated continuously and automatically to the cloud, a traditional data-center, or by setting up an internal virtual private cloud using BRICStac™.


  • Cloud Storage: options for 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB of Cloud Storage.