BRICStac™ is a secondary or multiple BRICS unit in another location replicating a source BRICS unit belonging to the same client. The server image can then be mirrored from one BRICS unit to another. The server image can then also be mirrored into cloud storage from the hot standby BRICStac location.

BRICStac™ provides a “Hot Standby” copy of the server image at a secondary location so if a disaster strikes there is no wait for data to come down from the cloud or to get it from a data-center.

BRICStac™ can be configured either as a subscription option or as a purchase option. The hardware and software can be configured either as a solution service and paid monthly, or the hardware and software can be purchased outright.

BRICStac™ creates a customer centric recovery cloud that is built out of two or more BRICS. With BRICStac™, the client is in control of their own digital assets, and has physical access to their own server recovery image. BRICStac™ can be built using a combination of BRICS products.

BRICStac™ can be placed anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection. For the most economical and rapid disaster recovery option, the recommended locations would be a branch office, a home office, or a company officer’s home. The BRICStac™ wide area network uses BRIClinq™ as a protocol to link a network of BRICS together. It is similar to FTP, but transmits at a higher throughput with less latency than FTP by evaluating when other WAN traffic is absent in order to efficiently transmit BRICS images updates.

If the client wants to “create their own cloud” we can consult and provide BRICS hardware using multiple BRICS, thereby eliminating the need to pay for monthly cloud storage charges. The BRICStac™ purchase can be the most economical option, but is also the least redundant. For additional redundancy and peace of mind, BRICloud™ option can be added.

Options for 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB of Cloud Storage.